Professionals Choose BlackFin

Why do professional tournament fishing teams and private marina investors demand BlackFin Yacht Lifts, For the same reason our waterfront residential clients purchase our products. We are the WorldWide industry leader in Yacht Lift design and technology and the only full service Yacht Lift manufacturer and contracting firm. We manufacture the most technologically advanced Yacht Lift in the world and we provide our clients on the very best in service and afford them the attention they deserve. Our superior BlackFin products are covered by our 25 year limited warranty unmatched by any other company in the industry. From private residential projects to large-scale marinas, we understand your goals. We provide not only exceptional service which has made BlackFin number one, we also provide results. BlackFin Yacht Lifts are custom fabricated to each clients individual requirements, and are designed, built, sold and installed only by Blackfin Yacht Lifts from the manufacturing process to the installation of your Yacht Lift. We are the only company within the industry that can make this claim.


  • We offer 12 color selections of anodizing for your new BlackFin Yacht Lift
  • Custom one-off etching  / engraving available
  • Annual inspection of your Yacht Lift is free of charge

BlackFin has the right answers for you


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