Hydraulic Yacht Lifts

Blackfin Hydraulics

When BlackFin entered the research and development stage for their new M-5X Series Yacht and Boat Lifts the questions most asked by the company leaders were, “What will be necessary to manufacture a lift that will be 10 times faster and structurally at least 80% stronger than any lift in the world labeling BlackFin in professional circles as the absolute best yacht/boat lift you can own, Period.

Thinking far outside the box and with no cost restrictions, the first step was to involve two different types of engineers. First, BlackFins’ structural engineer specializing in aluminum and stainless steel, also a second engineer specializing in Multistage Hydraulic Cylinders. Then the aesthetic aspect of the lift became a priority. This was aggressively targeted through BlackFins’ design and fabrication department.

In April 2011 the prototype M-5X Series became the first lift in the world utilizing 100% hydraulic cylinders while additionally eliminating gear drives, bulky motors, cables, pulleys and inferior aluminum and metal alloys present on other competitors boat and yacht lifts. 6061-t6 aluminum has a “weak link” in the weld affected areas. BlackFin in turn specified only 5083 aluminum and stainless steel beams eliminating this “weak link” present in other lift systems. To enhance this new era design the decision was made to offerevery color scheme imaginable for anodizing with optional metal engraving and etching available to their clients.

This is why Nobody in the world compares to Blackfin.


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