Engineering Development

BlackFin researched to engineer and design a completely different lift system previously never available. Engineering designs with more efficient alloy shapes and the ability of the welded ultimate and the tensile strength to govern the design led to the prototype design of the M-5X series for above water assemblies to enhance overall structural integrity, extend service life and reduce overall maintainance cost. The strength of BlackFins’ 5XXX series alloys are evident in the U.S. Military using 5XXX extrusions in the bradley fighting vehicle and the M113 armored personnel carrier. The M113 was the first vehicle to use armour that made the vehicle much lighter and stiffer than earlier vehicles. These vehicles benefit from many fo the same attributes of the 5XXX extrusions exhibited in marine applications including improved strength in the weld affected areas and corrosive resistance. In addition some 5XXX extrusions are processed to call 1 armor specification that provides ballistic protection for the vehicle.

Our Yacht Lifts are proven to be 78% stronger than any other lift ever developed.


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